Our products are not only great for the skin, they are kind to the world around us too. Prac was created with the vision of making conscious choices and not compromising on quality and the environment. It is a no-brainer for us to think ahead and with sustainability in mind. 


Our products are manufactured in Sweden. Prac does not own its own factories, instead we work with partners who are experts in environmental legislation, quality and purchasing. Together, we not only ensure that your product meets current requirements and legislation, we also strive to exceed them. Our supplier is carefully selected and has sustainability as a priority. The factory that manufactures Prac's products is certified with: 

  • ISO 9001  
  • ISO 22716  
  • ISO 13485  
  • ISO 14001  

Our packaging is made of aluminum which is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite number of times. They are also made so that all the contents are used and nothing goes to waste. 


Prac's products are completely vegan and are not tested on animals. They do not contain parabens and are kind to your body as well as to the hair and scalp. 

Read more about content and topics at Faktabank — KoHF - Kosmetik- och hygienföretagen.


Our products are delivered to your home with Early bird. They have their basis in existing newspaper distribution, which leads to fewer additional transports to deliver packages to recipients. The transport takes place at night when there is less traffic and thus avoids queues, which means less emissions. They also regularly review their emission levels and around 50% of their last-mile deliveries are fossil-free. 

All drivers and newspaper messengers have a collective agreement. A job with good conditions creates a good path into the labor market, which creates value for the employee and the entire society. 


Contributing to a more sustainable world is an important part of our vision. It is a culture that is integrated throughout our company. We choose to see sustainability as a continuous thread, not only in the production and development of products, but also in how we work and act towards each other and the world around us. 

However, we make the biggest difference together. An environmental culprit is actually the water that is used when using the products. Try showering twice as fast next time, and we'll help make an even bigger difference. 

Our products are not only good for the skin, they are also kind to the world around us. As a part of young people's everyday lives, it is a priority for us to think ahead and sustainable. Our products are therefore produced here in Sweden to support local businesses and to minimize the transportation and thereby the environmental footprint of our business. Our packages are of course made of recyclable aluminum and with minimized waste (all content will be used).

Together with our partners, we are constantly working to develop products, packaging and ingredients so that we can pass on the world to the younger ones with a good conscience. Sustainable thinking therefore permeates everything we do.

However, we make the biggest difference together. A part of the environmental footprint we leave, is the water that is used when our products are involved. Try showering twice as fast next time, and we will make a bigger difference.