Calle Clang

Calle Clang, 21 years old from Olofström, is a professional ice hockey goalie and plays in the SHL for Rögle BK. He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins as the 77th pick in the 2020 NHL Draft and his NHL rights are now owned by the Anaheim Ducks.

We asked Calle a few questions about his training;

When it comes to yourself as a goalkeeper, how much is talent and how much is hard work?

- I would say that it all depends on how much time you put in, how dedicated and focused you choose to be. And it starts at an early age, I don't think you are born automatically good at something, it's all hard work. When you're little you just play for fun, now it's my job, but it's still a lot of fun.

How much do you exercise?

- We practice pretty much every day except for 1 day a week when we are completely free. Otherwise, it's 2-3 games a week and 5-6 ice sessions, plus 3-4 gym sessions.

Have you ever felt that the hard work is not worth it?

- Of course there are moments when everything is not as fun, moments when you don't perform at the level you want, but for me all the best moments have outweighed the less fun ones. I think that's why I'm where I am today, because I was able to work through the tough times and enjoy the good ones.

Do you have a hockey role model?

- Not really. I like to watch different goalkeepers, a favorite is Carey Price. But I have other role models in other sports such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan.

What is your absolute best tip for a young person who wants to become a really good hockey player/goalie?

- Train hard and don't give up. There will be tough moments where it doesn't feel fun, where it's physically hard or mentally tough. But if you give up and don't believe in yourself, you will never achieve your dreams. Sometimes they take longer than you would have liked but in the end it is always worth it.

You who train so often learn to shower often, what do you think is important when it comes to shower products?

- Number 1 for me is that you should feel fresh afterwards, the scent and feeling should be very pleasant. Number 2 is the quality of the stuff, because I shower so often I need good stuff that makes my hair and body feel good. Because if the body feels good, I feel good. That's why I choose Prac, my favorite is Hair & body wash